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Edward Scissorhands, 1990

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Seo Young Deok

Seo Young Deok’s work aims to reflect the disease-like contamination we experience caused by materials in our society, he hopes to reveal the amount of suffering it places on the modern-day human. To express this, he utilized metal chains to create the modern man. Chains were made by our civilization and created through mass production, yet it is also just one accessory, one part in a massive piece of machinery. He considered each part of the chain a human cell and used the chains to create a human figure. Thus, this being’s form has been created in contamination by materials in our current world.”

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Photographer Yutha Yamanaka

Photographer Yutha Yamanaka currently challenges himself with a 365 day project, creating one staggering image a day, uploading it to his Flickr. His photography is characterized by a surreal twist, often finding expressions in otherworldly self portraits. Yutha Yamanaka was born and raised in Tokyo, Japan, today he lives in Denpasar, Bali.

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Lizard ft. Maggot in Funchal, Madeira

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